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Timeshift burst


Upgrade your camera phone experience with Timeshift burst. It's so intelligent that it captures 61 frames* within just 2 seconds – starting even before you press the camera key. This application is perfect for action shots of moving subjects!Timeshift burst is easy to use:1. Start your camera and set it to Timeshift burst mode2. To capture any scene, just press the camera key3. 61 thumbnails will show up on your screen4. Swipe the thumbnail images to move back and forth in time of the burst5. View all frames in a burst sequence by selecting the Timeshift icon on the lower right hand side of a Timeshift burst photo
Now you can save individual images from Timeshift burst viewer**! Save images separately and share them. They are still in your device even after deleting original Timeshift burst images.* Some devices capture 31 frames due to the hardware limitations.** The menu to select/share images is only available if Timeshift burst images are viewed in Album.